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Bahaah 2019/07/18 17:19:53 0 0
Hello,I am new to article spinning software. How to do I reserve the same order for some keywords only. ExampleTitle "Best {iPhone App|Android App|App|Mobile App} in {Spain|USA|the US|Italy}"In the body xxx is the best {iPhone App|Android App|App|Mobile App} in {Spain|USA|the US|Italy}...
glanceintuitcom 2024/07/15 19:48:26 0 0
A Detailed guide to download Glance Intuit software from glance.intuit.com on your computer or the Glance Intuit extension on your Google Chrome browser.Glance Intuit tool is the perfect solution to use...
Mafioso 2014/05/06 03:21:12 0 0
Hello, i bought Sc3, and i try to use the super spin with spanish cloud thesaurus.The spin result is worthless. not take any words, only complete phrases and put in the spin exactly the same way:Example:phrase : aportando ideas  y soluciones que mejorarán la idea inicial del proyecto.superspin:  {aportando ideas  y soluciones que mejorarán la idea inicial...
viber nilto 2024/06/25 08:20:13 0 0
Government Database System.  We Produce  Passports,Drivers Licenses,ID Cards,Birth we process and register legally, high quality titles, valid for procedures, verifiable, WE SHIP TO YOUR HOUSE, with the attached papers that you need, we also complete degrees, modify qualifications, and process the professional association, we work for any country in the world, to coordinate...
Nilrodru 2015/02/18 08:08:59 0 0
Hi there,Yesterday I have purchased Spinner Chief3 Ultimate version (One time payment). After getting licence key when started SC3 it is not working. I mean it can't spin any articles. Please check this screen shot url :prntscr.com/66nr5j . The spin articles just same as old articles. I message several times to your support but still don't get any response. May be you are so busy, but in previous (before purchasing software) I got good enough response...
Kevin Cebu 2021/10/16 15:36:32 0 0
HelloI want to use SpinnerChief 6 Ultimate for german content. In the german language we write all nouns in capital letters. My problem is. Everytime i put a new synonym in my spinning text SpinnerChief 6 is changing it to small letters. How can i change that I tried to use the cloud thesaurus and also created a custom thesaurus. What can i do, to let SpinnerChief 6 write in correct german...
Laura Lee 2023/12/15 17:18:25 0 0
We will meet soon....
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Get ready for the 2023 Black...
spinnercopy 2021/01/27 16:21:44 0 0
I purchased the Ultimate version of Spinner Chief 6 and read here that the Content Bomb comes free with it. But when I click on the link, nothing happens. How do I bypass firewall and let the WhiteHatApp install? Can somebody please guide me?
Laura Lee 2023/10/10 11:56:52 0 0
Check more info: https://bit.ly/LauraBBM...
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