How to Optimize the Website Article

nicolos | 2016-10-14 05:47:37

Whether the website optimization is successful or not, in large part rely on the success of the establishment of the site, which determines whether the enterprise can get more benefits. In fact, the optimization of the site is not complicated, as long as follow the general principles of website optimization, you will not waste a lot of resources but not the corresponding return. As long as you taking good care of the details, you can get good results. Take the article optimization in site internal optimization, as long as pay more attention to some of the core issues, then you will not cost a great deal to get great results. Here are some of the issues that we should be aware of when optimizing your site:

First: the keywords of the article should have the appropriate frequency of occurrence.

When we are searching some keywords, the ranking information keyword search tool show is a certain law to follow. If the site builder knowS the law, then you can make use of it. In the initial period, the search engine algorithm specifies that the key information we search for appears in the article the more the number of articles regardless of whether the article is really related to the article, then the article and the relevance of our search terms stronger, Many people use this vulnerability to deceive search tools.

Now this algorithm is not available, the understanding of the keyword density is: the article around the fixed words to write, the fixed term in the article to naturally exist, can not affect the user's reading experience, so that the key now Word ranking algorithm is based on the readability of the keyword in the article in the distribution of frequency and location of distribution have great requirements. In general, for the average search engine, keyword density should meet the 2% ≦ density ≦ 8% of the value, and the average distribution in the text, this will have a good keyword ranking.

Second: keywords should appear at the beginning and end of the article. 

For this, it is not difficult to understand. The first part captured by the search tool is the beginning of the article, so the beginning of the article to appear more important. In the end of the article appears for the article is indeed related to the guarantee. For the vast majority of traditional articles, the article will be summarized at the end of the whole article, so the article should appear at the beginning and end of keywords, of course, even deliberately appear keywords, but also to follow the principles, not blunt.

Third: You can properly change the article keywords. 

In writing the article, you can add appropriately some changed keywords in the article, which is also a good method. In the case of website optimization, the key information is not required to exist in a certain fixed form. Usually, we will use other words that are different from the original words for reasons such as fluency and naturalness. These words include the same meaning words, related meaning words , The different uses of daily life, etc., and this method can improve the richness of the article.

Fourth: Split keywords. 

Split keywords can also be seen as transforming the keyword form, but the split keyword is more suitable for keywords phrases, we can take a phrase apart, put them into a simple sentence, so that we can better improve search hit rate. For example, if our keyword is website optimization, we can say how to optimize the site.